Athletics: Understanding What It Takes To Be A Collegiate/Professional Athlete

When athletes compete in high school many have a dream to either compete in college or professional. However, many forget or do not know the steps it takes to be a collegiate or professional athlete. Student-athletes who have a GPA of 3.5 or above are good candidates for scouts/recruiters because it shows that the athlete has efficient time management and cares about their studies, as much as sport. Recruiters look at how athletes handle themselves off the field and towards their peers. The most important thing for any to do is show respect to others. Teammates will not respect you if you are “hot headed” or “full of yourself”. As everyone knows, scouts/recruiters look at how individuals perform throughout their careers and their training. Competing at a higher level means increase your training; however, the athlete has to have the desire and determination to want to improve and help their team.

I extremely advise student-athletes to look at this article by Becky Carlson.

While competing at the next level individuals can not be in the sport soley for the money or the recognition. Athletes need to have passion for the sport, along with determination and discipline. It does not matter who you are, there will be ups and downs throughout training or seasons but these challenges are what makes successes so great.


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